Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FROM BEARS: Hey, Bears & Samahria

Hey, BEARS & SAMAHRIA: The shout comes from a car passing us. We're thousands of miles from home. Out pops two amazing critters who have been taking programs at Option Institute for about a decade. They are graduate students, genuine friends, part of our extended family. We laughed, smiled, playfully loved each other in the middle of the street. What a gift!

Alison S. T.
It's so lovely to meet people you love unexpectedly, that happened to me yesterday in the middle of the supermarket carpark. Glad you are having a delicious time wherever in the world you are ♥

Linda M.

I love that - yes meeting up with old friends is lovely. My oldest boy Tom and his girl are home today for lunch, he moved into his own place 3 weeks ago and its so lovely to have the noise and chat again - snow just started and its heavy in bonny Scotland. Keep cosy!xxx

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