Friday, December 3, 2010

FROM BEARS: What "hard thing" are you doing?

WHAT "HARD THING" ARE YOU DOING? Trying to feel complete as you are? Ending a love relationship after 20 years? Dealing with chronic illness? Creating strength without anger? Helping a special child? Holding onto dwindling financial equity? Facing mortality? Are "hard things" events? Or, partly attitude? Or, ...mostly attitude? Or, all attitude? Blessings or curses? Who decides? Are you doing a "hard thing?" Love, Bears

Lori Culbertson
I wish there was just ONE hard thing I am doing..instead there are quite a step, one day at a time

Gary Hom
One thing. Biggest, hardest, enlightening "thing" in my life. Blessing/curse? Good question.

Tucker Wilde
Yes...but clearly I am making it harder!

Wendy Musk
Once again you illustrate how questions are more dynamic and empowering than statements. Love you, Bears!

Jan Johnson Sarbora
Yes, I'm feeling way too responsible for someone who has asked for my help - a mom who just came from Indonesia who has twin 11 year old autistic boys. I can help moms with little guys see their special child as the best thing that ever hap...pened, and the relationship blooms. But I'm so intimidated thinking of helping a mom with two 11 year olds - I see her as being so overwhelmed. Wow -- I'll be referring them to you for sure. This is great dialogue material for me -- why isn't the whole thing a blessing for everyone involved, even me; but how can I tell that to an very overwhelmed mom? Who am I, who has no special needs child, to say anything to her? And how unhelpful that is ... Help!

Lori Culbertson
I have one 11y old autistic boy...what state are you in? Has she asked for anything specific?

Patrick Ley
I am: Dealing with chronic illness, Helping a special child and Holding onto dwindling financial equity. Hard? No. It is what was dealt me. I get up, put a smile on my face, do what I do and praise God for my many blessings!

Jan Johnson Sarbora
to Lori - At the moment I'm too nervous to be of help, so I haven't called her. I know I'm not helpful in this state. I can personally relate to and love an autistic or oddly behaving child. It's an overwhelmed mom where I have challenges. How do I tell an overwhelmed mom that her chaotic life is a blessing? I can recommend S.R. (I have before) but what if she doesn't go? My usual need to "fix" things -- and yes, what needs fixing?

Sid Diamond
We get to decide if it's a hard thing... it's all about our attitude... Is it a blessing or a curse? It's all in how we choose to see it.

Jan Johnson Sarbora
But isn't a bit difficult for me to say it's a blessing to someone else who has the issue? Or I guess I could just accept however she wants to see it, and then see it my own way (duh!)

Sid Diamond
It's a bit difficult if you make it that way. You can see it as a blessing, even if they can't. I tell my kids when something happens, there's a gift in it, even if they don't see it right away... just trust that they may see it later... so you can see it that way for a friend, even if they don't see it now or ever.

Wendi Brazaski Horton
Yep, doing hard, lots of hard!! You make it easier Kaufman family. Many thanks!

Stephen Clouthier
There is no "hard", just things, decisions and new decisions to be made.

Rubens Manente
And they can all be "Happy ones" if I decide that they are!!

Jennifer Wieczorek Polak
the only thing I am doing that is hard is trying to stay above water when I am drowning financially..

Jennifer Wieczorek Polak
everything else is easy.. raising a child witha disability, not having the perfect background family, living in a run down neighborhood, having my car die and leave me without transportation as I try to juggle responsibilities.. none of that matters.. but sometimes it is hard not to worry about the money.. at least for a minute.

Linda Mcginn
Well I was doing a 'hard thing' - a very hard thing. I was calling myself a widow instead of Linda. Thanks to you Bears I am and always was and always will be Linda.blessings to youxxx

Genell Baxter Pike
I am choosing to clear my lenses xoxoxoox

Jamie R Lambert
Blessings or Curses? ------------> Calm Amid Chaos program taught me to see only Blessings! I am where I am suppose to be. The cause is in the future and its for the good. My eyes are clearer to see opportunities when I stay in the present. What I once saw as a curse, I now see as a blessing ♥

Donny Harris
Blessings or curses? Both are judgments. A stimulus is a stimulus. Neither good nor bad. Neutrality gives me the widest field of vision. "It is what it is" feels better to me than "It's all good." :)

Jackline Wairimu
Very useful reminder. It really is a question of my attitude. Yes, I (was) drowning in my current situation and as I asked of you last year, is the universe testing me like Job was? Then the answer comes from within me, when I allow it... attitude; no good, no bad..just my beliefs so what will my belief be.. Life is wonderful and is sending many wonderful opportunities. Thank you Bears. I'm re-reading Futuresight. Comforting, heart opening and I do filter different situations thro' new lenses. Bless you all

Audrey White
I do know attitude, my beliefs... absolutely determine how I walk through my challenges/opportunities. In wanting to maintain my health and well-being I have found that positive thought and faith have been invaluable. I just spe...nt three years in prison after being wrongly convicted of a crime I did not do. Had I not had my years of learning at Option Institute and a growing faith in God I don't think I would have survived. Thank you...ALL of YOU at Option Institute!! What you all do on this planet is EXTRAORDINARY!! Finding a peaceful place amidst chaos....I learned there...and used it so many MANY times. People "inside" would ask why I wasn't mad all the time, like I "should" be...I'd respond because it doesn't serve me...anybody who has ever been to a class at Option KNOWS where I learned that...and it is not enough to just say the must internalize it and know it with every cell in their body.

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