Friday, December 3, 2010

FROM BEARS: Circle of Friends

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS: Day 3, nestled on a mountainside, a mix of loving class-like dynamics, energetic discussions, deep dialogues, a pajama party with laughter/sweet tears/comfort food/Starbucks. We stay together, in one house, because we want to be together/10 plus best friends/family of choice while we also celebrate five decades of Samahria & me. Without exception, we're doing love first, then wonderful "whatevers." Love, Bears

Denise M.-F.
that sounds absolutely wonderful Bears. thanks for the inspiration!

Sherri Lynn D.
Oh, Denise you took my favorite word "absolutely". LOL. And, YES, I second that- what an absolutely wonderful way to be(live and cherish) with family and friends. Savor the moment!

Jan J. S.
Sounds wonderful for all of you-- Happy 50th of being together with your "main squeeze"!

Lisa A. M.
Happy 50th!!!

Terryann L.
HooRah... So wonderful to see everyone totally in Love with Life! I have , not one, but two new grand children this year...I am so very blessed...what a table we set for ourselves....xoxo

Shiranthi P.
Happy 50th!

Tali F. B.
Happy 50th anniversary Bears- what an extraordinary milestone to celebrate. Sending you and Samahria love!

Meghna B.
Happy 50th Anniversary, or as we say in India, Happy Golden Anniversary :) What a remarkable distance to have traveled together ... warm hugs and best wishes to you both!

Jessica H.
wow xx happy happy 50th and so many more xxxxxxxxxx

Ruth B.
Wonderful. Have fun lovely people xxxxx

Janet W.
Happy 50th many more to come hugs Janet Wolos and family

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