Thursday, December 16, 2010

A new belief: I always land on my feet.

I love doing gratitude. Gratitude is certainly one of the quickest pathways to happiness and the path of first choice for me. Recently as I was looking back over my life thru the lens of gratitude, I focused on situations in which I experienced mid-to-strong degrees of unhappiness. I’m talking depression, tears, victim hood, anxiety, rejection, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and self rejection. Yikes ... I almost forgot pain , sorrow, and low self esteem too.

I realized something. I realized that when all was said and done, I was not only fine but actually better because of those experiences. The “better-ness” was in response to what I did with the unhappiness. Whether making it into a beneficial learning for myself or full appreciating that the consequence of the unhappy experience was honoring of myself and who I want to be in the world. To make this awareness even grander, I see that each and every experience of unhappiness I have had, thru the lens of gratitude, becomes useful to me. Also of note, is my greater ability to not judge my experience initially. No judgement means no unhappiness. I am not quite 100% in my fulfillment of my intent not to judge, yet I am further ahead than I was.

From this I’ve created a new belief. A belief of trust, of strength, of ownership, of durability, of self love and one of acceptance. That new belief is that I always land on my feet. No wobble, no out of balance, squarely and smack dab on my feet. So whatever might happen, I know that I will always land on my feet. Yes, a take off on “everything happens for my benefit” with a different expression to it.

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