Friday, February 4, 2011

Got the 'Tude?


"Happiness does not lie in happiness,
but in the achievement of it.
- Fyodor Dostoevsky

Simple concepts can take time to assimilate, to put into practice. Bears (Barry Neil Kaufman), with the "shortcuts to happiness" in Happiness is a Choice, made it easy for us to choose to choose happiness (or not). That doesn't mean that once happiness is what we want to choose, a funny kind of "zoop" sound happens and we're good to go. Necessarily, right? I'm not going to say it's not possible to instantly switch to happiness. It probably is! If you are an Instant Happiness Elite member, you can happily click away now if you want :)

ince you and I are not one of them, and choosing happiness day-to-day is a process, and we could use some reps... let's take a few minutes to do the 'tude. The attitude of gratitude. You know, for some people, the gratitudinus maximus (muscle of gratitude) gets very little flexing. Like maybe anually, at Thanksgiving. Sounds about right for the artist formerly known as me. So let's GO! Let's rip it! Are you ready???

Great! Write/think/say a few things you're simply grateful for - and let your creativity take over. Get it flowing! When you finish this next sentence, close your laptop, turn off your monitor, or put that device down and come back when you're done.

Nicely done :) Now that you've got the 'tude, I'm gonna give you some of my 'tude, and maybe you will glow with tudeliness! Here goes, random things (not in order of importance) I'm feeling grateful for:
  • The opportunity to write this blog, which I committed to after my last program at The Option Institute, to stay rooted in the Option Process and Option philosophy. I love this time that I use to explore, or get inspired, with the intention of loving and sharing with you, whether I know you or not. I believe that, in a myriad of ways, we are all looking to create more love in our lives. No reason to hide our love.
  • Flowing with my family. I am in awe of how the four of us move through life like the voices of a fugue - distinct, yet beautifully engineered for togetherness.
  • The Son-Rise Program and everything it represents to me. The attitude. The techniques. The fun! The connection I now feel with both of my sons. With my wife. With me. I could go on for quite a while with this one! I'll come back to it when I feel I'm losing the attitude.
  • Water. Wow! Nature in general!
  • Existence. It's always awesome to meditate on the question, "What's happening?" Seriously, what's happening?!!
Woohoo!! Once the gratitude it's flowing, it's fabulous. But it gets even better when you express it. So, you've got the 'tude?! Share it!!

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