Thursday, February 10, 2011

FROM BEARS: Love Bigger Than Ever

What if, this week, each of us turns up our love bigger than ever? What if we chose to love not only those who appear to be great candidates, like our partners, our children, our parents, our friends, even our co-workers...but the cashier in the market, the teller in the bank, the bus driver, the telephone operator, even people who are angry and judging us? What if we choose love first, action second, 24/7? Bears


Bears Barry Neil Kaufman
What if just one of us do that? One person begins can begin an evolution -- the power of one person. Now supposed two of us do it...or four, or twenty, or everyone on Facebook? In that instant, the world would have changed. But actually, the world will change when just one of us takes a 24/7 leadership role -- love first, act second. It's one of the pillars of our Inner Strength program at the Option Institute. But I want love to see it become a wave -- a wonderful, gentle but strong wave -- if you going to be doing it this week and next, let me know. With Love and joy and optimism, Bears

Jeannie R.
This is fascinating, because ever since I took my first Option course, Fearless, about a year ago, I have been doing this and it has definitely expanded my universe in a beautiful and happy way. It was as if I let go of my resistance and decided to really be open--and of course, others opened more to me. Just making eye contact and smiling works wonders! Then, taking Radical Authenticity just helped me deepen this further I'm thrilled you are suggesting it to everyone!

Larry B. are on an amazing roll......kudos

Melissa W. S.
I'm going to give it a go...

Diana F.
Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! I'm turning up ze "volume!" Lots of love to give!! I'm IN!!!!

Lynn R. P.
Yes, I'm in...already previewing who I might see this week and thinking of really loving them and wanting the best for them.

Creusa B.
'Love first, act second'... powerful mantra. A friend of mine wrote, "Just love. It is love that remains."

Cyn T.-H.
Hmmmm along the lines of "Let love, and let go". Very nice!

Beth B.
Wow, Bears, I am loving logging on to Facebook and seeing/hearing from you ! - I will be loving first and acting second this week - annd daring to apply that to myself as well as to the rest of the world, which has always been easier for me. Thanks for the inspiration!

Obdulia A.
I love those words and thank you for the excellent idea, Can we change the world?....Yes we can!!!!! LOVE FIRST, ACTION SECOND,24/7, God Bless you Bears!

Peter A. V. L.
Hi Bears. I can't describe how increteble it feels to love first and act second with local afghan people. A whole new world has opned for me and sometimes the locals and the interpretor look at me in disbelive when I express empathy instead of anger. But I feels great and first of all I am doing it for me. Love from Afghanistan - Ethan ♥

Heather B.
Love first, then we NEVER have to judge!

Karen B.
THis morning I'm loving my wonderful (if a tetch grumpy) son, Stephanie our fabulous volunteer son-rise playworker who is in the playroom with him this very moment, the cat, Bobby, for wiping his feet as he left the litter box, and my 3rd coffee, - for tasting so very good! It's a beautiful day-ay-ay, it's a beautiful day! sing! :o)))

Sherri Lynn D.
Hello Bears! I believe the world does change from the moment WE decide to change. Speaking from personal experience, YOU have to WANT it!!!

Lora W. Br.
Ok. Sure. I will start with you. I do not even know you but I will send you internet love. :)

Bears Barry Neil Kaufman
Thank you all for being excited about really doing, Ethan in Afganistan, you, Jeannie in Ohio, us here in Massachusetts -- please copy both posting about love at the top and spread the message. Hurrah for Stephanie the Son-Rise Program volunteer and for Bobby, the Cat --- so much for all of us to love. Love not simply a feeling, but when conceived us as a verb -- ah, it then become an action and a feeling. How cool is that? Love and gratitude, Bears

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