Thursday, March 10, 2011

From Bears: Purpose of Judgments

The purpose of judgments: to motivate, to make our position stronger, to create unhappiness. During a Wide Awake program at The Option Institute, our class explored that judgments of ourselves is our way to not deal with our unhappiness and to not change. Because what we judge, we push away...and what we accept we also befriend and give ourselves an opportunity to understand and change. Love & smiles, Bears


Trish H. - Judgement as a way NOT to change! Wow! I bet the common belief is that judging ourselves is meant to motive us to change. At least, my gut tells me that was my belief.

BradandLaura H. - what a perfectly timed statement. Thank you Bears for sharing that xxx

Lynn R.P. - Yes, I have used judgment of myself for decades as a way to not deal with unhappiness and not to change. I've said I wanted to change but always had a reason not to. Still exploring this concept and choosing to run towards my unhappiness and judgments.

Judy B. - Wow, Oooh! Fits with a lot of what I've been exploring about. So helpful to notice the judgements.

Ray R. - Optimal Self-Trust tought me to observe and not judge, even myself,big for me!

Winden R. - Whoever said that is one SMART cookie! xoxo

Shaun K.- judgment ˈjəjmənt ˈdʒədʒmənt ˈdʒʌdʒm(ə)nt (also judgement) noun 1 the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions : an error of judgment that is not, in my judgment, the end of the matter.

Peter Alfred V. L. - The world is so interesting. It seems like we either attract or reject, expand or schrink, progress or regress and a milion other things of duality. Imagine if the attutude and judgements is just another form of the duality, then we can know that we somehow attract, expand or progress when we are in the attitude and reject, schrink or regress when we judge...That would make things a lot easier. Thanks for the insight, guys :-) Love and light - Ethan ♥

Larry F. - Today, I learned that by flipping this statement around - to be in a happy and joyful place regardless of the experience that is happening in the moment - puts me in a place to be able to change anything and everything. It is path to true freedom... Today was the best day of my life, as I got to experience this freedom first hand - staying in my loving and joyful state regardless of what others were saying about me or how they were perceiving me. I accomplished my biggest goal - and passed my greatest test - with flying colors!!! Thanks to all those who judged me today! That was the most loving thing you could ever have done. I am now free to change whatever I choose.... YESSSS!!!!

Pessy G. - I hold a belief that "happiness breaks boundaries". It's wonderful to read everything that is being shared. Thanks to you all! Although I don't know you in person, I know you in spirit, and I am truly grateful to share our world together. Can't wait until Fearless! YES!!!

Paula Ann S. - The hilarious challenge is not judging yourself for judging in the first place....the vicious cycle.....haaaaaa

Alison S. T. - Dear Bears, how did you know I would want to hear about judgements today. I am feeling judged - which of course means that I am hearing someone elses comment and then judging myself. So in keeping with the theme of this week, I am going to love that I am someone who judges herself and then try to find out what it is that I am trying to not deal with and change. Thanks for the extra love!!!

Karenza C. - my goodness, i was just washing my dishes thinking about judgements and thinking how wonderful it would be to accept myself as i am!!! thank you bears xxxx

Donna V. A. - My AHA moment of the day! Thank you.

Julie A. - i needed to hear that.

Denise S. - amazing to hear to really help ourselves be self-aware, then to not judge ourselves or others, which is something I have been really struggling with for the self-understanding phase I'm ready to jump in & figure it out!! I love that concept of it motivates us, now to figure out why it seems to motivate us not to change??

Bears Barry Neil Kaufman - Blown away and delighted by the people who responded and contributed their insights to the posting of "purpose of judgments." I am very enriched and nourish by all your sharing. What we teach at The Option Institute and through the books I have written forms the basis of ideas that not only train folks how to choose happiness and love but also provides one possible formula (acceptance, dropping judgments) that could meaningful enhance inner peace, interpersonal peace, world peace. Isn't it great to think and dream big? We only can go as high and as wide as our biggest thoughts. Think big, dream big, act as if what we dream is possible. Then the world adjusts to our presence and begins to change. Love and gratitude, Bears

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