Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From Bears: Change the World by Changing Ourselves

"How many people does it take to change the world?," asked a participant who had taken the Optimal Self-Trust program. Margaret Mead said to never underestimate a small group of like-minded and determined people. I suggested to never underestimate the power of one highly-inspired and dedicated person. We change the world by changing ourselves.

Just ask one committed Son-Rise Program mom or dad.

Just ask one person who decided to drop a judgment today.

Just ask one lover who approached her significant other with ease and acceptance.

Just ask one patient who decided not see their illness as the enemy.

Every day we watch folks change, often dramatically...thus, everyday, we get to witness the power of choice and the wonder it can bring to individuals, families and the world. One person at a time! First, you have to want it...and then, second, you have to believe it's possible to attain. Let's keep dreaming and acting on our dreams!

With much love and optimism,


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