Friday, April 8, 2011

From Bears: There is no past!

There is no past! Yes, there are historical events and memories - but whenever we focus on them, they exist in the present. Thus, we are always in the present when we think about the past. What does this mean? If we're in the present, we can then think differently about our past and thinking differently can totally change it's impact on us...if the past is present, we can fix it much easier.

Also, we can never be stuck in the past we're "sticking ourselves" in the present to think about the past. If it's all happening now, then it's much easier to change - recast and re-frame. All unhappiness is about regrets regarding the past or worries to the future. Happiness happens now, in this moment. We can keep changing our past and its meaning by choosing to re frame it right now...right now! Love, Bears

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