Friday, April 8, 2011

Expanding on Home

It's what we make it, isn't it? What do you call home? For me, home isn't a place. It's more an idea.
Stimulus/Belief/Response - this idea is home for me
The Power of Choice - yes, this is home
Choosing happiness - ok, I'm really home now!
Anyplace Beverly is - home
So, "Home" to me means "this is good, this works, this feels right"

Looking for a home you can really call home? Come to The Option Institute. We will love you and nourish you and show you how to stand up and walk. We will wean you away from fear and dis-empowerment.
Anyone who has been here for programs knows the feeling of driving onto our campus and thinking, "Ah, I'm back."
Come see us. Yes, come home.

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