Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From Bears: Choose love #2

Can people experience and change because you love them? As if your love "infiltrates" their physiological and spiritual systems without their permission. The basics: stimulus-belief-response. When someone loves you, in your universe, they are the "stimulus." You can be open to how they choose to be with you and feel nourished. You can also decide to be fearful or self-protective. It's your option.

So...when we love, we create an experience inside...and we can make our love into a verb. In the end, the person most nourished will always be the person doing the loving.



Larry B. - absolutum ;)

Silvia O. P. - That is sooooo true. In my work love is giving by patience, caring, understanding and aceptance...I had improve my self by learning from the people I work with

Shaun K. - how is referencing a belief not a response? also there have been plenty of studies that show people having biological responses to one another independent of conscious choice...for example, women's menstrual cycles will align if they are in one another's company for long enough, without their choosing. Also peoples heart rates will synchronize in each other's company independently of how one arranges the words in their head. You can call this the victim model or demonize the idea however you like, but again, the words you attach to it do not change the data in the studies that indicate a deep biological connection and emotional communication between bodies regardless of what language is being used, if any at all. I do agree the person "most" (emotionally) nourished will be the one doing the loving, but they may not be the only one nourished. your idea sounds too absolute to me, especially to contain an idea like love. then again, maybe i am wrong.

Bonnie J M. - "So...when we love, we create an experience inside...and we can make our love into a verb. In the end, the person most nourished will always be the person doing the loving." Love is not a singular experience. Giving, receiving love invokes many realms of emotions and experiences. The gift is to accept all that comes your way, all can be happiness if one chooses because when we learn to accept the love that comes our way we grow to love more deeply. Love does not always come on the white horse with shining Knight. Not the damsel with the long braided hair down the lofty tower hall. Love is often found in the most ordinary places. Love is that person who has 15 items in the 5 item checkout line. Look for it. Its there. Stop. Look.

Deborah G. - "As above, so below..."

Larry B. - not only 'accept' but to recognize the value

Alison S. T. - The idea that we are self starters in loving rather than tossed around by what others choose to do is so empowering. It feels so much more nourishing and calm than my previous ideas and poular beliefs about what love means. Also if we are choosing to initiate love for another person, we can decide specifically what that means and design a definition of what we want to give by being loving.

Lindsay H. - i love this....the experience we create inside when we love another is so nourishing! it's so lovely!

Susan G.- Bears, may I please share this with another? I would love to be able to quote what you said about love. Love is very powerful!

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