Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From Bears: Self-trust

The impossible become possible because someone dreams it so. Being realistic has to do with the past...confining ourselves to what someone did or didn't accomplish yesterday. That means nothing about today or tomorrow. One person's dismissed folly can be another person's determined reach for the stars. What's the difference? Self-Trust/Self-Reliance. Believe in what you want, not what is.

Chinese proverb: "People who say it can't be done shouldn't get in the way of the people doing it." More love, Bears


Lejla S.-K. - thank you Bears, a new post it for my bathroom mirror :))))

Julie R. - i love these posts they keep me going xxxtake care x

Judy M. - I love what you say about believe in what you want and not what is! Believe in the vision and what is possible and by law of attraction so shall it be!

Kelli P. - One of my favourite quotes along these lines is: Never let anyone build your world for you, they always build it to small. (don't know who by, but have a great piece of art to remind me of it all the time). Hugs!

Sherri L. D. - I choose to BELIEVE! Thank you Bears for your words of inspiration and deep desire to help others. Gratitude and love to YOU and YOURS!!!

Lorna M. - At first, people thought that the Wright brothers were crazy! What use would an airplane be? Many folks decided that those "talkie" movies would never make it. Thomas Edison had two weeks of formal education, the rest was self taught. Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, Barack Obama, Samahria Kaufman...I can go on and on and on...they all accomplished what was considered impossible!

Susan G. - To dream the impossible dream....

Laura S. - just the reminder I needed, thank you!

Alison S.T. - Aren't dreams like having a guess in a dialogue, we take the pressure off ourselves needing to be 'right' and just imagine all the wonderful possibilities of what could be.....and so hope is born.

Barbara F. - "Believe in what you want, not what is." I so love that! That is so what you and Samahria did with Raun and by creating the Option Institute. I've been thinking about how when I want something, imagining the best case scenario and then ...using the energy, excitement and clarity to take every opportunity to make it happen, rather than envisioning failure at least part of the time, then splitting half of your reduced energy trying to take steps to avoid that scenario. This usually means putting off the undertaking or not doing it at all in the end, since many failure scenarios are not that controllable or able to be planned away. I don't approach all issues in my life this way (yet), but I'm working on getting to where I can allow more and more best-case-scenario thinking to dominate and earlier in the process. Thanks Bears and Samahria!

Rekha N. - This is such an amazing co-incidence, I was planning to do a visualization at the beginning of our team meeting tonight about just

Bears Barry Neil Kaufman - Thank you all for your very thoughtful, insightful and appreciative comments. Samahria and I read them all together and so deeply appreciate how much we are holding hands with all of you and how much you are holding hands with us. Blessings and gratitude, Bears & Samahria

Obdulia A. - Is beautiful to hear that Samahria and you read all the comments. Samahria comes to my mind every time that I hear my 2 years old talking and saying "abiba that means arriba (Spanish, up, English) so I say "yes papito abiba, abiba!! and he smiles at me. She comes to my mind because in the DVD Autism Solutions she puts that example saying why we should join Autistic children as we join toddlers or babys when we talk to them because my toddler really enjoys when I said "abiba" I love you! I'm your fan!

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