Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From Bears: Foundational Principle #2

Foundational Principle #2, Option Process (what we teach at Option Institute). YOU HAVE YOUR OWN ANSWERS. We often look to experts, institutions, media and the people around us for our answers. Certainly, others can contribute their thoughts and suggestions. However, we teach people that they are, in the end, their own best experts on themselves and they can access their own answers/insights/wisdom

Imagine if each of us decided that our moms and dads and partners and teachers and counselors and friends have the best of intention in their guidance for us. But also imagine that they do not live in our skin or walk in our shoes. We are decidedly alone with our internal experiences and internal landscape (that’s not bad news, but great news)because we are also the architects of that landscape. Imagine relaxing, creating more self-acceptance, more happiness – therefore more clarity and then deciding to ask ourselves (not anyone else)”what do I want to do?”, “How do I want to live my life– and with whom?” Love, Bears
For decades, I have taught and used PowerDialogues to ask nonjudgmental questions of myself and uncover (and change) core beliefs which allowed me to redirect my life and feel complete ownership and excitement for that life (as well has teach others to do the same). Imagine, at the end of your life, saying: “No Regrets” It’s within the reach of all of us.


Renée A. - Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. ~Buddha

Larry B. - I muse at the idea of being in a supermarket of beliefs, there are notices in my store, reminding me of the 'store policy'....."if you buy it, it owns you" :)

Larry B. - "Choose to Choose"

Seliger R. - I love it :) Why oh why did it take so long to get that :))) It's nuts, it's soo logical finally we are starting to evolve Hallaleuka !! (intentionally put in a k rather than a 'y' in Judaism it is part of Gd's name) So cool we have all the answers.

Tammy M.- Very complex...yet extremely simple! Thank you!!!

Judy M. - I truly believe all the answers are within!

Dawnmarie G. T. - I agree... your gut always knows what you want, and what brings you relief... however what about when you really need a suggestion or two to problem solve (Like, how does a single individual get up & running 2 Son-Rise programs simultaneously)? By asking other people you might get a bunch of different ideas that you never had and then your gut can lead you towards choosing the one that makes the most sense for you. Right? (I'm still a novice at all this, by the way) hee hee

Toni L. T. - that's a hard one for me...i know deep down it's true, but i have a lot of self doubt! working on it though...optimal self-trust, power dialouges...listening to those cds.

Jeannie R. - Bears, THIS CONCEPT WAS SO KEY FOR ME IN HELPING MY CHILD MOVE FROM HAVING SEVERE PROBLEMS TO NOW BEING NEAR RECOVERY FROM AUTISM! Initially, I allowed myself to be overwhelmed and helpless and lost, relying on these "experts" and others sources to guide me, but not only did it not work, it actually make the situation worse. When I read your book, "Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues", I took on this concept of being my own expert for my child and it brought practically instant results, and I have followed it ever since with ongoing success. Trusting myself is something I am continuing to learn about more and more as I deepen my beliefs with Option principles, and it is amazing how it continues to bring wonder and expansiveness to my life all the time. With gratitude and joy, Jeannie.

Alison S. T. - If I have a challenge and I go to an expert to get it 'fixed' then the next time I have a challenge I still don't know how to fix it so I would have to go back again to that expert to get it fixed. In fact, before long I would become dependent on that expert to keep fixing me, believingmyself to be incapable of helping myself - not a great place to be. One of my great learnings this year has been about finding my own answers, the beauty of this has been that some of the answers that I have come up with have been things that nobody else could have known about me, these answers have been real jewels found amongst the dust and debris of my lifes challenges. Thse findings have led to me being able to make profound changes in my life.

Alison S. T. - In March this year, I went on the Optimal self trust program at the Option Institute. On this course I learned techniques that have helped to make my own inner voice louder and tools to help my listen to what that inner voice was saying. Once I got home, the program really started as I learned to use the things I had learned. One evening my 85 year old father in law rang our home in panic to say that he couldn't find his bank books and that he thought that some workmen he had had in his house had stolen them. I offered to go down to his house to help look for them. We searched everywhere in all the places that he thought they might be. After half an hour of looking he was propping himself up on the table hyperventilating. At this point I decided to use the listening options (which are neurosignatures that we created)that I had learned on the course. I tried the first and the third ones and got no new ideas.

Alison S.T. - Then I tried the second one which was about heart knowledge, and found myself thinking diferently. I looked again where they were supposed to be and realised that the workmen hadn't taken them because there was an unimportant folder left. So I knew they were in the house. So I thought that for my father in law the safest place in the house would be his bedroom, so I decided they were in there, then I thought where would be safest in the bed room and I decided that my mother in laws side of the wardrobe (even though she has been dead 4 years) would be the place. So I looked in there, and there they were. So from the time I started using these listening options to finding the bank books was about 3 minutes. I think it would have taken hours of searching to have found them otherwise.

Bears Barry Neil Kaufman - Allison: WOW. You really do use what you learn in the Option Institute programs to your advantage. Awesome and inspiring. Love, Bears

Susan G. - Bears, was this not also the point of Sheldon Kopp when he wrote "If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!…"?

Joan J. - i love you and all that you are, you and shamaria and all at the option. my life has transformed xxxxxxxxxxx

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