Monday, October 31, 2011

From Rekha: Should you be happy?

I was talking on the phone to a lady a few days ago about the work I do as an Option Process®Mentor-Counsellor, in this conversation she said “…it is selfish to just be seeking happiness, we should be doing god’s work not just walking around being happy…” This prompted me to reflect on what I was doing just a few years ago, when I was very unhappy verses what I do now I am much happier.
In 2005 I picked up a form to apply to Caudwell charity for a place at the Son-Rise® Start Up programme, this was a simple one page form not terribly demanding for someone of my ability to fill in but I didn’t. Why? I hear you ask, the answer is that I felt so hopeless that I didn’t believe we would get funding, it would be a hard struggle, I worried that may be this wouldn’t work for Rohan (our son with special needs), worried at the possibility that I would do it wrong and be rejected, the list went on…basically I was very unhappy. It took me over 18months to stump up the courage to fill that form in!
Last year 2010 I took our local authority to court over Rohan’s education, I ran a full time home schooling (Son-Rise) programme in which I had several team changes, I set up my counselling practice which is now thriving so I am helping so many other people with the skills I have, I remodelled part of the house this was whilst caring for our six year old daughter with my husband working away 3 weeks per month, and no we don’t have any family locally either…and that is not the whole list!. I was so much more effective at supporting my kids/family, my ambition, friends and clients. What changed? Well I believe different things, I fill myself with beliefs that support my comfort, happiness…yes I am totally selfish and I love it and I would like to believe that god likes my work!
Option Process Mentor-Counsellor, Son Rise Mum.

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