Tuesday, October 4, 2011

From Rekha: Dialogues create possibilities…

From Rekha: What I love most about the Option Process dialogue is that it creates such a safe place that it allows explorers to create possibilities they never thought that were available or indeed possible!

Here are just a few of the new universes people created for themselves as a result of doing Option process dialogues with me:-

  • A man who hadn’t contacted his father since he was a boy because he had been told by him that not too. Made it mean he was unlovable, when this was questioned he quickly changed his belief to that his fathers actions meant nothing about him. As a result he re-contacted him after nearly 20years and his father thanked him for getting in touch and they have arranged to meet!
  • A professional and mother of an autistic child felt down and depressed not believing that it was possible that she had the capacity to be happy. After just one dialogue she awoke the next morning feeling clear headed and able not only felt happier but able to challenge her little boy’s sleep routines in a comfortable manner, something she wouldn’t have done before!
  • A young women who was drugged and assaulted whilst in a foreign country, found peace with her assailant and realised she wanted to reach out to others and support them with her learning.

Every dialogue not only impacted their own life but the lives of their family and community bringing more peace, sharing and progress.

This is why I love, love, love my job!



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