Thursday, December 15, 2011

From Rekha: What do you want to think about ‘it’?

I Drove into town this morning to drop both my kids off at school. Rohan my 9 yr old boy with special needs started having a seizure. I was on a road where I was travelling at high speed and couldn’t safely stop to help him. From the back I heard my 7 year old daughter Serena calmly coaching him to breath and celebrating his attempts to focus himself to bring himself out, which he did and eventually sat up in his car seat again. I celebrated Serena and Rohan’s efforts and dropped the children at their schools.
I thought about it later and noticed a smile on my face, I was so in awe of what Serena did for herself and her brother. I thought what an amazing skill she has learnt to be loving and a calming influence in a time when someone else is in need, how lucky she is to have developed these skills at such a tender age. What an amazing ER doctor she would make, I know I would want her to treat me!
Then I thought back to my beliefs a few years back when I was thinking…how awful and terrible for my daughter to be in that situation watching her brother suffer, what a burden I have created, this is bad for her and it could scare her and scar her for life, Rohan must be petrified and I can’t get there to help him, I have failed them both as a mother!
The fun thing is the stimulus is exactly the same, it is my beliefs that have changed and so has my world…

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