Thursday, February 16, 2012

From Rekha: New beginnings!

We have a beautiful sunny spring like day today in Cambridgeshire, UK. A time we associate with new life developing before our eyes, the pastures starting to grow, flowers coming into bud and new opportunities!

It made me think what a great occasion to ask myself what I want? Where am I going? Where do I want to go? How do I want my relationships to look? Why do I want those things? How do I want grow myself more? How am I going to do that? What do those actions look like?...As an Option Process® Mentor-Counsellor I love questions J

All these questions help me gain clarity of purpose, this is so key to us succeeding to get to what we want, like creating a map for yourself for going from A to B. And also work through any issues or beliefs that may be holding us back from achieving those things.

The Option Process® Dialogue is such a powerful tool to use in this area. Breaking through barriers we have put up for ourselves in the past, or holding on to fears and hence holding yourself back from achieving your dreams. These are easily melted away in this safe place so you can go on to achieve your dreams and realise your potential…

Warm spring regards,

Rekha Neilson

Option Process Mentor-Counsellor

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