Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Being Fearless

Last week we had a terrific group of participants at The Option Institute for our Fearless program.
They learned so much and changed so much in one week.  It was a life-changing experience for many.
On Friday morning several people wanted to know how to "keep it going" when they go back home, how do they stay Fearless?
Practice   Practice being awake to Stimulus/Belief/Response; recognize that fear doesn't "happen to us" but rather we choose fear - in other words take ownership for your fear; practice self-studentship; use all the amazingly useful materials we make available to you: listen to the Fearless cd, read Happiness Is A Choice again, watch the video Everyone Can Be Happy...Including You.
Practice   Pay Attention!  You can catch yourself doing unhappiness in an instant and change it that quick.
Use the Blueprint for Success from a previous blog: Be Happy, Relax, Pay Attention and have Grit.
Something happens (stimulus) and you decide to be afraid (response), check out your beliefs.  Then use GRIT - Go for it (comfort), Resolve to let go of fear, have Intention to acheive your want and use great
Tenacity to get it.

We can all be Fearless, all of the time.  It does take Practice
Use what you know, use what you already have:  every person reading this blog right now has all the tools you need.

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