Monday, July 16, 2012

From Rekha:Getting the best out of your Option Process® dialogue

I have worked with tens may be hundreds of people as an Option Process Mentor-Counsellor over the last few years to help them work through their issues, some solve these in minutes and others want to talk through the same issue session upon session, neither is right or wrong, it is totally that individuals process.
However, if you find yourself wanting to solve issues quickly and not being able to do so, then here are three easy steps to be more effective for yourself in an Option Process dialogue.  These may well help you in your life in general too. So here are some thoughts I want to share with you that I find useful.
  1. Don't try needs an elephant in one go, cut it into pieces.  Many people come to me with history and issues and hear how effective this form of counselling is and then attempt to solve all of these in one session. While it is quite possible to change many beliefs in seconds, many of us have very good reasons why we have these in the first place, so we have a process where we need to look at how these are serving us before we decide to change them.  So trying to solve them all in one go tends to result in the individual feeling overwhelmed, confused and going general.  The power of this process is being specific, so make a list, and work through them one at a time and trust you will, you will be so much faster and more effective!
  2. Embrace and enjoy the experience, many of us hold this belief that to be effective we need to work hard, and then we make working hard mean to judge yourself harshly against a standard we create in our own minds.  Another belief many people carry is that this is going to be a hard and horrible experience.  Have you ever opened up to anyone who judges you harshly? Or really succeeded at something you thing is hard and horrid.  So why give yourself that experience why not believe that this is going to be fun looking at how you operate and everything you look at and everything that you discover will be useful in beautiful.  Working strongly towards your wants is more effective than beating yourself up for achieving your not wants.
  3. Celebrate yourself!  Why not celebrate even the baby step you make forward towards your wants, rather than beat yourself for all the work that you ‘have to do’ or haven’t achieved yet?  When we accept where we are it allows us to understand the reasons for our behaviours and feelings which then allows you to then change.  You will create so much more openness and freedom within yourself by doing this. And it's a really nice experience!!! Give it a go what have you go to loose?

Have fun!
Option Process Mentor-Counsellor

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