Saturday, August 25, 2012

From Rekha : Safety in tears

Yes you read the title correctly. What does that mean? well here is my experience and that of many others that have shared with me...we (as a population) tend to hold on to sadness/discomforts in situations as we feel safer doing so than to go to a more comfortable space...we hang on to the worst case scenario, the worst prognosis or even create fears now based around possibilitie
s that could or might happen in the future. So why? One of the main reasons is because we are taught to so we believe it is the safe way to travel, and we buy it. There is nothing wrong with doing any of those things however it like most things in life has consequences... stress, anxiety, depression, and the physical manifestations e.g. high blood pressure, heart attacks and science is even now finding strong links with cancer! SO here is a suggestion if you want something different try something different. Trust you being comfortable in that moment is going to serve you...more comfortable people experience clarity and are more productive, better relationships and lower risk of disease. Give it a go what is the worst that can happen? ;)

Rekha Neilson

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