Thursday, September 20, 2012

From Rekha:Acquiring happiness…

I have been hearing about various friends pre-ordering and queuing up for their new iphone 5.  I know many of them are strapped for cash, well many complain about not having enough but they still go after that upgrade and aspire to acquire that phone whatever the consequence.  There is nothing wrong with that at all and they have their own reasons for doing that, but it reminded me of a time in my own life a many years back where I hinged my happiness and comfort on acquiring something.  I remember thinking “when I get that new……then I will then be happy”. The problem was I went through hell to get that thing, and when I got that new thing I felt a sense of joy temporarily but the emptiness inside was still there, so I reached out for the next thing and then the next and repeated it like a mantra. I wonder how many people do this???
Now I feel and behave differently because I think differently, I do make purchases but they are not like a carrot that I dangle before myself as if my whole happiness and existence is hinged on acquiring that thing.  So even if I don’t get that item for whatever reason, I still feel comfortable and complete inside. 
Rekha Neilson
Option Process Mentor-Counsellor

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