Friday, June 28, 2013

Who’s in charge?

Photo Notation: Canon Beach, Oregon coast - we are in charge! 

Dear Sweet People,

How often do you make friends with things that you are uncomfortable with? Please read on to reveal that by accepting and inviting our challenges in, in the very least, you have added more good to your life.

Okay, some of us believe we're in charge of our happiness/unhappiness. Yes! Now what about our biology? Research demonstrates that our beliefs impact not only our physiology but also our vitality, our immune system, the way we age, etc. Do we believe it? Let's try some POSSIBILITY THINKING: convert dis-ease to ease, make friends with our asthma, cancer, Autism, and visualize what might be possible. We wouldn't turn away our friends if they showed up at our door. We'd invite them in.

So, now, imagine our physiological challenges are our friends (yes, I did write "friends") knocking at our door. Mr. Johnny Diabetes. Ms. Jenny Fibromyalgia. Mrs. Elena Arthritis. Let's invite them in. Sit them down at our table. Have a talk, give our illnesses a voice. Don't push them away. Go ahead, write down what our illnesses say. Get to know them better. Make them our friends. Then love them. See what happens. If nothing noticeable happens, at the very least, we've added more good will to our lives.

Love and Smiles, 

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