Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fear and Safety

A recent participant in our programs talked about "staying afraid to stay safe."
If we scare ourselves enough about something that we tell ourselves we really want to do
then, of course, we prevent ourselves from doing it. Why do we scare ourselves?
Because, what if we fail. That's bad (that's the belief fueling the fear). So, it's better
to be safe and continue to use fear...then we never have to put ourselves to the test.
Ultimately, then, we can say that we really don't want to do it, because we don't want to risk

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Living a life of quiet desperation?"

Do you stay afraid to stay safe? Do you live "better safe than sorry?"
Do you have a passion that you don't pursue because you want to stay safe?

If you want to break through that self-limiting straight jacket, let's talk about it.


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