Monday, May 11, 2009

Love First, Act Second!

Love First Act Second
An Email from Ethan!
Hi Bears
When I went of to Afghanistan I had no idea what I was going to do there. Now it seems that there is no stop for what is possible.

A job that I have tomorrow is that will be the head of a negotiation of the rent of our camp Armadillo with some of the local nationals. They are 5 brothers who are strongly disagreeing with each other about who owns what and what that is worth. Somehow I know that the brothers are going to fight each other tomorrow, but still I feel this relaxed sensation in my stomach - do you want to know why?
I am going to make it my top priority to love each one of them as much as possible! Even if I will cut through in the end to end the deal I will do it lovingly and I feel so strong about it.

By making the "love first and act second"-attitude to most important thing I do here in the camp I am being a Force of Nature:

Intention: I want to love first and act second

Conviction: It feels so great to love first! I am making so many loving friends who loves me for who I am. When I love first and act second I can do no wrong and I am an athlete who are not bound by the law of gravity when I love first and act second!

Daring Action: I share myself in an environment where people traditionally are suppose to hold themselves back! I am starting of new projects that I have never dared trying before. I am loving my nearest family members when they are judgmental and I question the old way of teaching children by judgment.

Passion: I am so excited about the walk in school where 22 kids came today to learn to write their own name. And I am really excited about talking with the 5 brothers tomorrow and help them getting more happy internally with each other.

Persistence: On matter where I go I continue to see areas of my live getting more and more exciting as I bring more love into my life. Love first and act second is my key to heaven where I can see that evil is just a thin shadow of unhappiness and that everyone is doing their best with the beliefs they hold.

Thank you, Bears! Thank you for showing the path where I can choose to be love more then have love - like an attachment on facebook.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and light form Afghanistan.
- Ethan

Response From Bears
Dear Ethan,
Thank you for your gracious word ... but thank you more for the inspiring way you are now choosing to live ... especially as a soldier in Afghanistan. How awesome that you are taking the teachings that you learned at The Option Institute about being a Force Of Nature and using it to create the clear intention to love first and act second. I have no doubt that you are a gift to so many who have come to know you ... my hope and blessings that the dispute between the 5 brothers will be softened and made easier to negotiate because of your presence and love. Ethan, know that I am rooting for you, wanting the best for you and feeling honored for us to reach across a vast portion of the planet to keep cheering for an open heart and a loving hand.
With love and ten thumbs up, Bears

Click Here for great pictures and information about the walk in school in camp Armadillo

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