Monday, November 30, 2009

Hope & The Opposite Alternative

FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman): Hope & The Opposite Alternative. A Son-Rise Mom wrote me today that the doctors said her son with autism would never talk in a meaningful way, never interact with warmth, never feel or express affection or love. Today, that little boy speaks endless sentences, hugs, plays affectionately, asks great questions and is so curious about the world. Why do people think pessimism is realistic and optimism is unreasonable?

Let's dream our biggest dream. Let's not be limited by views of others (no matter what expertise they claim) but be inspired with what we want for ourselves, our families and our children. Realism is about the past -- it has zero to do with what's possible today, right now. Hope and dreams is about today...what can be, what is possible. Two quotes I love: one is by Disraeli - "Nurture your mind with great thoughts for you will never go higher than you think." The other is mine: "Stop believing is what is and start believing in what you want!"

Love and smiles, Bears

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  1. Daring to live our dreams is often not supported by societies, families and friends who like to think more "rationally" although, paradoxically, there is more and more evidence in the mainstream western world that we have the power to realise our dreams. I think it will take time, maybe a generation or two, before people worldwide catch up with what's being taught at the Option Institute.
    Mark Oakley