Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happiness from the Start

From Pessy: This weekend I opened up To Love Is To Be Happy With for a second time. As I was reading, I began to understand on a whole new level how happiness is my choice. It's fascinating! I asked myself, "What if my choosing happiness would be the stimulus - not the response?"

I recognized that yes,I am choosing my feelings. I am taking full responsibility for my choices. I understand that my feelings are in my control. I see how they are completely up to me to use for my benefit, and as a way of taking care of myself based on my beliefs at any given moment.

What I began to see differently was that I was choosing those feelings as a response to different stimuli. (In all interactions, whether with others or alone, there is a stimulus and there is a response. In between the stimulus and the response there is a belief. This belief is what fuels the response.) I have been choosing my feelings as the end result.

As a student of myself I notice that I am still choosing happiness and other feelings after something happens. Not only that, but I have also been using happiness as a feeling of choice because I don't want to choose feelings like sadness or anger. I'm moving away from what I don't want as opposed to moving towards what I do want. It's as if all along my feelings have been like the exhaust fumes when really they can be the fuel!

I can use my happiness before something happens, as a spring board, creating more happiness with each new moment.

I would love to hear experiences from those of you who have put this belief into action and challenges from those of you who haven't. I believe by sharing with each other we will bring more joy into this world.

Wushing you joy and blessings,

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