Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Love, Guide and Let Go

FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman): Parenting Protocol (as we teach in our Parenting Solution program). LOVE, GUIDE AND LET GO. Many of us believe we love our children (and we certainly do when we're not unhappy and distracted). Many of us believe we have guidance for our children and offer it. What many parents struggle with is letting go. In the end, your children will do what they do. If we let can let go, parenting becomes easier and more joyful.

When we are attached to outcomes, we experience disappointment (a form of unhappiness). Yes, yes...we want the best for our children but they get to choose, in the end, just like we got to choose even in the face of the guidance from our own parents. Let's love, guide and then allow our children their choices, especially as they get older. Could you imagine making child-rearing one of the easiest and sweetest experiences of our lives? In addition to our Parenting Solution program, we have an amazing CD series called Parenting Protocol. Of the many programs Samahria and I teach at The Option Institute with other senior staff, this program is one of our most favorite.

Love, Bears

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