Friday, December 4, 2009

A Way to Frame the World

FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman): Judgment = a way to frame the world, a situation or a person through a filter of good/bad - right/wrong. Judgments are neither natural or unnatural. Judgment is a choice to adopt a viewpoint to support ourselves or our perspectives. It is often accompanied by unhappiness and self-righteousness (to be right). Judgment sets the seeds of war. Dropping judgments sets the seeds of peace and expands our vision.

If we believed fully in what we wanted and the value of our own wants, we probably wouldn't would not be relevant (being "right" wouldn't matter) -- what would matter is listening to our own voice, living our own lives in accordance to our own standards and dreams. Ironically, and additionally, judgments create distance between people and inhibits functions like intellectual and attitudinal cement. Be like water. Water doesn't judge -- it just keeps moving, infinitely flexible, adaptable, changing (in a changing universe).

Love, Bears

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  1. Judging is lack of self-love and hence hinders love for others but a quality of those that judge is often lack of awareness of what they are doing. The universal belief we are taught by society that judging is not a good thing means many people beat themselves up when they judge instead of loving themselves unconditionally first, and then deciding to change their beliefs about judging, second. Judgement creates duality in our thinking, which separates us from others, and non-judgemental thinking integrates us more with others, or brings us more integrity in our relationships, and, as you say Bears, "sets the seeds of peace."
    Mark Oakley