Friday, August 13, 2010

Rocking with Exceptional Women


I want to have this conversation with the women out there. Over the years, I've worked hard to learn the gifts and special characteristics of the woman species, which is not a statement against the male species. They are gifted as well - with their own specialness. But right now, I'm referring to only women - because the Exceptional Woman program is almost here (the week of September 19th) and so I have a heightened awareness of women's issues, as I listen to their fears, judgments and prayers... which are very similar to each other.

Who would we be if we highlighted the most cherished aspects of ourselves (hopefully, we have at least one thing that we love in or about ourselves) - and made those parts really BIG in our minds, while at the same time we unleashed all of those parts we hide and judge... Yes! I mean let them out, let them show, give them a voice we can hear and a face we can look at. The idea would be to be willing to see all of ourselves - and not judge it. When people verbalize what they really think about themselves, it's never the bad they imagined in their minds and suspected would be terrible if others knew. Once it's out there (a belief), then we have the opportunity to drop our judgment about it (even for the moment), embrace it, understand it, put it into a clear perspective, and then finally let it go - and in its place, create a more useful and supportive way of seeing ourselves (a new belief) and that there are choices we can make to better take care of ourselves.

Women are generally taught beliefs encouraging them to place themselves at the bottom of the "to care for" list; otherwise, we are considered selfish or self-absorbed. Essentially, be there for others before being there for ourselves! Hey, it's not working. We feel burnt out, unmotivated, victimized, pressured and turned off. Nobody's gaining from not nurturing ourselves. We can actually be more loving, clearer, happier and more powerful if we took good care of ourselves FIRST, so we can be there, when we choose, to support others.

We really do have the ability to re-create ourselves as the people we most want to be - at ANY age. That's why I created the Exceptional Woman program ... to hold hands with other women who want to stop judging themselves, be supported by other women who understand and want to change as well, and to provide a uniquely safe and loving environment in which each woman can feel comfortable enough to let go of fears and allow their power to be tapped. By learning to trust other aspects of ourselves that are more useful and life-affirming, the judgments with which we've punished ourselves melt away.

Join us to support, express, enhance and delight in ourselves - with other Exceptional women.

Hoping to see you soon - and build ourselves together.
With much love,

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  1. A year after I did Exceptional Woman with you, Samahria, I still feel so different, so refreshed, so comfortable in loving myself and enjoying loving myself. Now I really know that, far from detracting from the love and care I give to the people around me, loving myself is the food and drink of my being able to give, the only way I can even be of any use to anyone else; to love myself. With love to all the exceptional women out there!