Wednesday, December 1, 2010

FROM BEARS: Celebrating Friends

CELEBRATING FRIENDS: We're a group of people who have loved each other for decades. We often work side-by-side/we say exactly what we think all the time/we create cradles of safety within & then with each other/we come together inspired by how we deeply & abiding choose each other. We're more than friends, we're brothers/sisters in a family of choice. We've gathered this week to celebrate how much we love each other. Love, Bears

Diana P. S.
Friends are the family we gift to ourselves.

Jim R.
We give thanks for your presence and profound teachings. Gratefully yours, Jim & Irene :) :)

Jenifer C. W.
We are so thankful that you found each other and have taught all of us to celebrate ourselves and those in our life that we are so grateful to have...your love for each other has been a shining beacon of love for us all...hugs and love to you both....

Gaby v. d. B.
Hi BEars, you often said that having a son-rise program gave you friends who were like family. Today I am truely humbled and feel like one of the happiest persons on earth.I had asked if any one of my team could help cleaning up. Not only have they helped me but they secretely booked me a weekend in a hotel and are taking care of my kids plus painting my house while I'll be having time for myself.It's awesome to know there are such wonderful people around and that I was so lucky to meet them!I was so lucky to have heard of son-rise and bringing all the volunteers who are like family for us too.Thanks for bringing son-rise to all us families. Love Gaby

Joan G.
And in doing so, we celebrate life...

Erin E.
You always know how to say it, Bears! Mike and I LOVED meeting with Samarhia at our Intensive a few weeks ago...but we sure missed you!

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