Thursday, February 17, 2011

From Bears: Inner Strength

Inner Strength -- not a given or a "right" but fundamentals we can develop.

1) learning to "explain" ourselves to ourselves
2) making relationships where they didn't exist before
3) showing up fully/being present
4) maximizing being authentic (allowing people to see what's inside)
5) choosing love and loving as our center
6) getting skillful in being happy, no matter what.

Attitudes/Tool -- we can learn.

Bears Barry Neil Kaufman

Years ago, I did judgment and anger to feel strong. Then I figured out another path to Inner Strength. I think of all the programs I teach at The Option Institute, this one is so, so central. Judgment and anger is not only an illusion of power; it's often unpleasant and self-defeating. It separates rather than creates bonding. It's promotes the seeds of violence and war rather than creating a community of folks that can hold hands respectfully, even joyfully, with each other. In the end, the ultimate Inner Strength is our ability to take ownership of who we are and what we do -- and to maximize our choice to bring our most authentic, accepting and loving self into all our relationships. Love, Bears

Yvette R.
I wonder if number one might not also be "learning that we do not have to always explain ourselves to others." You can argue that one with me when I am at Option June 11 to 14. So excited to finally be going there and soooo hoping to see you however briefly Bears!!

Anita M. M.
Thank you, Bears, you are truly a gift.

Marie T.
Bears, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us and for lovingly challenging me last week, it was awesome!!!
I had a profound realization during New Frontiers as I was letting go of self-limiting believes. That at the core, my true ...spiritual self is pure, blissful, conscious and unique and that it is my acquired illusory believes, which I kept to "so-called" protect myself, that is causing me discomfort and unhappiness.
All I have to do is let go of them, trust in my divine nature and in my personal relationship with God and I can shine from within and spread the love around me. It is an ongoing process of endless opportunities!
Love, Marie!

Melody-Rose P.
Bears, thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. I am touched.

Julie alwans seem to post what i need to hear at the time.

Peter Alfred V. L.Hi Bears
I am wondering what pillar of inner strength is stronger then love and non-judgementalness. I see it this way that there are two ways you can protect yourself from harm:
1) You can wear a thick amour and a lot of protection gear or ...2) You can not be a part of the pain through love and acceptance.
A little girl (2-3 years) died a couple of days ago from her injuries in front of me and I remembered (from reading "No Regrets") that I was sending her all the love I could and allowing her to decide what she wanted after struggling with the internal bleeding for over an hour.
I cried after her death, but it was from relief. I felt as if I was a small boat in the perfect place in a big storm - gently maneuvering aligned with every movement and wave.
My collegues are good and skilled soldiers, but they didn't experience the same bliss as I did that day.
Thanks Bears - Love and acceptance

- Ethan ♥

Rifka M.
Wow Ethan... I have learned so much from your post. The gift of Option doesnt end at the mountain. Love and acceptance...thank you.

Edith D. T.
Bears, Thanks for the thoughts. Can you imagaine a world with those values, everyday, everyone, wanting the same for themselves and others? I can!!! I guess sometimes our words and actions are in disagreement... That goes for countries also..... Letting go of hurts and ill will, and working for peace among all people, all nations. Still "care taking" in a good way. (Smile)

Ellen Y. S.
Ahhhh what a way to be... yes ET, I CAN imagine, and what a world it would be. I am working each day to strengthen my "inner Strength Muscles" with a difinite center of love and loving. ummmmm.

Rekha N.
I can't wait for July to come quick enough. Maybe I will start the course right now.x

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