Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From Bears: Letting go

Parenting Protocol (as we teach in our Parenting Program). LOVE, GUIDE AND LET GO. Many of us believe we love our children (and we certain do when we're not unhappy and distracted). Many of us believe we have guidance for our children and offer it. What many parents struggle with is letting go. In the end, your children will do what they do. If we let can let go, parenting becomes easier and more joyful.

When we are attached to outcomes, we experience disappointment (a form of unhappiness). Yes, yes...we want the best for our children but they get to choose, in the end, just like we got to choose even in the face of the guidance from our own parents. Let's love, guide and then allow our children their choices, especially as they get older. Could you imagine making child rearing one of the easiest and sweetest experiences of our lives? In addition to our Parent Solution program, we have an amazing CD series called Parenting Protocol. Of the many programs Samahria and I teach at the Option Institute with other senior staff, this program is one of our most favorite.

Love, Bears


Erin P. - Ella is soooooooo teaching me that Bears..its like the MAIN lesson in my universe right now, for my mom with me and with me and Ella bean.

Tammy R. L. - This was so timely in my life. Thanks Bears for reminding me. xo

Erin P. - me too my to!

Isabelle R. - I can't wait to listen to those CDs! I've had them for a while now, but never had the time to listen to them... What a shame!

Denise M.-F. - I love my parenting protocol cd's! they have been so enlightening and extremely useful. My relationship with my boys is so wonderful and better now.

Rekha N. - I love those CD's. Thankyou for making them for me.x

Brian E. - I absolutely agree! EVERY parent would benefit from this CD set--I personally believe it's the best CD set I've ever heard, has done amazing things for my parenting and created the deepest and closest relationship I've ever had with my kids. And my children are 28 and 29 years old!

Claire H. - i have been using techniques from the parenting protocol cd's today. it has been an amazing day, a loving and easy transit through the hours - and nothing has changed, but me :)

Barbara B. - Yep....that letting go piece is definitely the part that I still choose to struggle with....but I am getting better : )

David B.- Another plug for the Parenting Protocol CD's: with their help, and the Maximum Impact program, I transformed myself from frustrated, stressed-out daddy to easy, happy daddy! (My wife likes the easy part.)

Scarlett B. - YES ! YES! YES! X

Elaine Marie L.-J. - Thank you so much for reaching us out even through internet! We cannot go to your place to train, to learn but through here at the net you can help us parents learn how to manage and handle our special children. Again thank you so much!

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