Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From Bears: Judgment

Judgment = a way to frame the world, a situation or a person through a filter of good/bad - right/wrong. Judgments are neither natural or unnatural. Judgment is a choice to adopt a viewpoint to support ourselves or our perspectives. It is often accompanied by unhappiness and self-righteousness (to be right). Judgment sets the seeds of war. Dropping judgments sets the seeds of peace and expands our vision.

If we believed fully in what we wanted and the value of our own wants, we probably wouldn't judge..it would not be relevant (being "right" wouldn't matter). What would matter is listening to our own voice, living our own ...lives in accordance to our own standards and dreams. Ironically, and additionally, judgments create distance between people and inhibits change...it functions like intellectual and attitudinal cement. Be like water. Water doesn't judge...it just keeps moving, infinitely flexible, adaptable, changing (in a changing universe). Love, Bears


Lori S. - No right or wrong, just different. Thanks for sharing, Bears!

Jeannene C. - I like this Bears! I just wrote something along the same lines...


Genell B. P. - Thank You Bears xoxoxox

Alison S. T. - There is something I don't get that would be really helpful for me to understand: what is the difference between a value and a judgement?

Rekha N. - What do you mean by value Alison, have you go a specific example?x

Alison S. T.- Value as per Bears note above.

Rekha N. - Ok my interpretation, (correct me if I am wrong Bears) is that the value Bears is referring to is how much you want that thing (i.e. how much effort we are willing to put in). A judgement is when we use right or wrong, good or bad to try and justify our wants and make them appear powerful.x

Judy M. - I find when people are judging they are projecting their beliefs, fear, etc. onto other people. What they don't like in themselves, they don't like in others. So when they are pointing the finger at someone else, they are really pointing at themselves they just don't know it.

Alison S. T. - Thanks Rekha.

Ellen Y. S. - Judgement also limits possibility. If I judge a situation as bad, I immidiately put that situation in the "it shouldn't happen" catagory. Instead, if I stay open, the situation stays in the I don't WANT it catagory... but still on the table for consideration. Maybe if we all dropped our judgements, we would see just how every situation can work to our benefit, and the give and take we can do to work out the details will only make each of us stronger and more blessed. I am imagining a world where this was the standard mode of operation, with love and loving as the center.... what if countries were doing this? Oh what a world it would be!

Jeannene C. - another distinction between value and judgment is that when you value something, you strive for it...you spend your energy working toward what you value rather than condemning what you do not value as bad

Alison S. T. - Ahhh, I think I get it... to give an example.... are we saying that suppose I really believe that chocolate ice cream is the flavour that I want and would go out of my way to purchase and eat (I'm enjoying this scenario) I don't need to prove that vanilla ice cream is inferior, I just know I want chocolate. Then just apply this scenario to other decisions in life. It is interesting to see how much clearer things become when expressed in terms of ice cream.

Thank you Bears, Rekha and Jeannene for your comments, this is so helpful for something a lot more important than ice cream


Kim W. - I think loving and judging are mutually exclusive. I choose loving.

Larry B. - I too judge/assess that I am loved, loveable, and that everything that comes to us is of value. This I choose as my make, my judgement, my assessment. Others may choose whatever they believe is useful, though it is none-of-my business :)

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