Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From Bears: Our Eyes & Aging

My grandmother, at 88, said years ago that when she looks at a tree, it looks the same to her as when she saw it at 8 or 18. But when she looks down at her hands, she wonders who is this very old person with all these wrinkles. My grandmother's hands looked so beautiful to me. We do not see what we see...we see what we think. We can always be excited to see what we see, even in the mirror.



Mary C C. - Thanks Bears. It was good to read this and see you on my wall at the end of an emotional day! I love you!

Francine B. M. - The truth is so beautiful...thank you

Winden R. - I LOVE this..... perception. It's all about perception and beliefs.

Susan G. - My father use to say the same thing. He wondered who that old man was looking back at him in the mirror when he felt like a kid inside.

Jeannie R.- Thank You!!! Awesome, Beautiful and very relevant to me at this moment.

Nasreen H. - that thought is a nice way to start the day thank you x

Alison S.T. - I have noticed that since I decided to love first and act second that the people around me seem so much more attractive. But different qualities seem important, like the light in someones eyes matters more than their outer appearance. Also ...accepting that other people are doing their best makes them seem more cute to me. I think that real beauty is in our hearts/souls not on the outside. When we look in the mirror we see what noone else can because we know our own heart like no one else and we can be grateful for our own beauty and excited to see the wonder of our lives unfold. That's not to say that we can't be excited about the outside too : ). Thanks Bears, I'm saving up a special hug for you for the hug line when I come to the Option Institute in November.

Gareth M.- Hi Ya I look at my hands everyday and also when I use to be young and use to hide them{badly burnt} and still do, now what you have said when I look at them they are what I see like an extension off roots, like a tree as above. I am still growing and hey I still have lots off family friends that have supported me as they take me For Me For Who I am. like mulch GOOD STUFF To Make Things Grow,I Thank everyone for this, Family and Friends as I am growing more and more. Love Garp

Barb H. - This is the quote I tag on the end of all my emails:

“If I look only for what I expect to see, I'll miss all the other flowers in the garden.” Barry Neil Kaufman

Larry B. - wasn't it wayne dyer that authored "You'll See It When You Believe It" as in encouraging exploration of the quality of our beliefs?

Melanie W. - perhaps we start getting old when we notice we are doing just is our perception that creates the reality

Barb H.- At least as I get older I find that I celebrate every little wrinkle and age spot. I earned them all and I appreciate what it took to get them.

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