Wednesday, August 17, 2011

From Bears (Barry Neil Kaufman): Does it matter?

Breakfast Discussion: Does it matter? Does it matter that you achieve what you wanted to achieve, get recognition for your accomplishments and be approved of by others? Would it be sweet? Sure. Does it matter? Ah, that's up for grabs. What... I believe matters is how you did what you did. With love? With sincerity? With authenticity? With kindness? Applause comes from the outside, divinity is within.

More on “does it matter?” If you want recognition and applause, go to the mirror and give yourself a standing ovation. That you matter to you, that you approve of you, that you know your own caring and decency…ah, that’s the ballgame. And if you’re not quite ready to do that because you want to change parts of yourself…do it anyway as you work on yourself. Happiness and love as a choice right now is the path to happiness and love – not judgment or self-condemnation. Go ahead, check yourself out in the mirror, give yourself a big smile and lots of love.

Love, Bears


Cynthia H. - Something about "who you become in the process".....

Penya S. - i'm working on this -- thanks for the reminder!

Tomohawk Paul M. - Hmm very provocative, I'm getting better at accepting that what I want to do is not for the entertainment or needed to be evaluated by others. It's my life!

Donna D. - So true!!! Thanks for the reminder.

Judith E.- I love this, Bears! Surely one of the keys to happiness is being totally true to oneself, congruent with what lies within, building on the strength that comes with absolute authenticity. I'm going to quote you too!

Alison S. T. - Hmmm applauding ourselves as opposed to looking for it or needing it from other people. For me it comes down to knowing my value as a person, do I decide that myself, or do I look to everyone around me to decide it. Working with the idea that I create the beliefs that fuel my responses means that essentially I define and decide my value by making it up. So if I look in the mirror and judge what I see then that's down to me - or if in my case I don't even own a mirror then that is my choice, changing that means finding out why I want to make it up that way rather than making it up in a way that is loving and nourishing of myself.
'Divinity is within' how cool to think that there is something within us that is an image of God, reminds me of the poem by Hafiz 'now is the time to know that everything you do is sacred' So if we were to give ourselves the standing ovation in the mirror we would be celebrating ourselves and our walk with God. Thanks for this thought.

Tim S.- The Kingdom of heaven is within you

Isabel R. - thank u a lot for the remind of how sincere we have to be with ourselve......

Ellen Y. S. - Thank you Bears, that ws helpful to read this morning. Divinity is within.

Christine C. M. - I love it. Internally I think we all know it. It's like the saying that "your character is revealed when you do things when know one is watching" This was really good to read this morning

Emanoele F. - i think , when i do with love, i am more happy, the approve of my family always was important for me, and make me change many things in myself, but be yourself no matter in front or behind it´s the right way to live.

Rekha Neilson - Wow, it is full on at breakfast at your Bears! We did come up with a great story at tea time though. Serena asked me to improvise a story so I came up with Tommy the tantruming tomato went to calm land.

It was fab, we had two endings one where he relaxed into calm land and realised the tantruming wasn't something the people of calm land understood. The second was he exploded in the post office, everyone in calm land went home happy and had tomato soup! Can you give Dave a huge hug from me I really miss him. Love, Rekha.x

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  1. Perfect for me right now.... Who do I want approval from?
    Sure makes my life a lot easier iwhen I approve of me.
    Got a meeting tomorrow with a client I believe is wanting to share
    Their disapproval of me... I intend to put your thoughts into action,
    By loving them AND me! Xxxxxx