Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From Bears: Change is continuous

This came up in our Calm Amid Chaos Program: One major thesis of the "Intellgrid" which we designed as an "intelligent" grid through which to view the world (events/people/ourselves) around us is: change is continuous. The stars, mountains, rivers, our bodies, our beliefs - the universe celebrates itself through change. Resisting change is resisting the celebration. Dive in/do your best and then let go.

We have only this moment, then the next, then the next. Our lives are not like still digital photographs but constantly fluid like fast-moving video. What appears permanent in one moment is gone the next. When we hold on tight to this situation, this relationship, this job, this state of health, when it changes, instead of changing easily with the change (seizing the opportunity of that moment), we tend to hold on tight (for dear life) – and we become brittle and break. Instead of welcoming the new landscape with flexibility and ease, we mourn the past which isn’t – any longer – because the next moment, the next situation, the next relationship, the next job, the next new state of health or illness is already here. Raindrops become oceans. Mountains become valleys. Ever- changing is the beauty of our nature, of nature, of the universe around us. Our job is not only to swim in the river but be the river. Love Bears


Gördis S.-S. - How true that rings to me.

Lise B. - wow , that is exactly what been on my mind for the last few to go foward, no matter what, we can`t go back in the past,not even for a second....

Lise B. - thank you bears, you said what i wanted to say....

Seliger R. - Become part of the river of life

Eva P.- That reminds me of a poem i once wrote. If i can find it i can post it on here...x x x No point in dwelling in what is the past....coz then we wont be taking in the joys of life in the present. And every cloud has a silver lining. I think w...e should try 2 c the positives in everything. For if there is not change, then life would be very boring. We would not have a story 2 tell or a lesson that woz learnt. We would not grow. Nd i find that if we really thought about it, wot we found rele gd in one point in our lives, if we got it bck again we would find that it is no longer gd 4 us. Coz not only has the world, happenings, and situations changed around us, we, without always realising, change also.

Jeannie R. - Bears, this is sooo perfect for me right now! I have been doing some holding on with some of my relationships lately, and was indeed starting to break. I have always loved the concept of the river, but I was swimming in the river. Now I have decided to BE the river, as you suggested. Wow!! I have transformed a lot along the way with Option and Son-Rise, and it's so wonderful that I've just completely transfromed yet again with your loving guidance--and in an instant too! Thank you!!!!! Namaste, Jeannie

Eva P. - Found the poem, but for some reason will not let me post it. But the last lines are as follows; yesterday looks blankley on, but does not say a word, as yesterday is clever, and knows that today is blind, as today is already on top of the future. The poem is called Yesterday's Wise Silence

Melissa W. - Simmons I appreciate this idea. Thanks you, bears.

Judy M. - I find that when I resist what is, I have a hard time or get stuck. I like to go with the flow so much more. It is so much easier to go with the current then to try to swim upstream.

Jody I. - "If everything always stayed the same there would be no butterflies."

Kristen V. - Thank you! This is exactly what I needed!

Vince H.- Practicing accepting "what is" looks like a pursuit that is going to last a life time...its soooooo much easier said than done. The reward for me is that when I do, do it, I experience a much greater abundance of peace and joy in my life.

Jennifer R. B. - I am doing my best & letting go at the same time

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