Wednesday, August 31, 2011

From Bears (Barry Neil Kaufman): Ownership of beliefs

Your life: A suit off the rack, a suit made to your measurements or a totally custom-designed suit of your own design. We often create our life based on the beliefs, values and shoulds of others (a mixture of random beliefs "off the rack"). What about today...we clear the rack and think of one belief that we like and want to live by? We feel weird in our skin because someone else provided the glue

Many current belief systems have been randomly designed…a mishmash of beliefs we adopted and empowered from well-intended people (our parents, our ministers, our teachers, our political leaders, even our economists). Blessings that everyone wanted to help us…but we can now take ownership…clear the slate and start creating our own system. For me, four rock-solid beliefs: 1) Happiness Is A Choice (also, one of my books -- smiles), 2) Unhappiness is also a choice (100% of the time), 3) I can change any and every part of me if I want and work on it and 4) the universe is benevolent (when I judge it, it means I just don’t understand).

Love, Bears!


Ola-A. K. - Beautiful thoughts.... thought provoking too!

Denise M.F. - i so want that designer dress..of my own design. i love the analogy!

jeannie R..- Bears, I also love how all these Option concepts have a parallel for doing Son-Rise with my child! For me, designing my child's autism treatment like a totally custom-designed suit has been a key factor in joyfully moving gigantic leaps and bounds toward recovery (as opposed to being stuck, frustrated and scared). Plus, custom-designing my own life has allowed me to open up so many wonderful possibilities that I didn't even imagine existed previously. Fabulous and amazing! Love, J.

Judy M. - I am clearly seeing that other people's limiting beliefs are their judgments and stuff projected on to us. All my life, I believed those people were right and I was wrong and I judged myself and felt bad about myself. Now I am learning that it is just their stuff and not mine (unless it triggers me and I want to learn from it). I am learning what other people think or say about me is none of my business. It is their stuff and their beliefs. I am also learning that my past is a gift (even though I believed it was painful) and I can stop judging it and myself and set myself free! Thank you, Love, Judy

Melanie M. S. - I agree...and love all of your books! I enjoy trying every moment to choose happiness in my daily life. The Option Process has been a great experience in our lives...we enjoy sharing this with others especially our Son-Rise volunteers!

Pat P.- I feel The Option Process has given me the option to look into my closet, and keep or get rid of the cloths at will, ...oh look their is a sewing room attached to this closet (didn't know that was their before option). Now I can make and design my own cloths. Looking Good! Or...maybe I will go with the birthday suit :)

Sean F - Nice one Bears!

Alison S.T. - Dear Bears, Thank you for breaking down your ideas into chunk sizes that are easily digestible for me. I love your four beliefs, the idea that we can clear the rack and then design the suit that we want - I want that for me. I have noticed ...that suits that are custom designed last longer than the ones bought off the peg, I guess they wear out more quickly because they don't wear well because they don't actually fit properly. A custom designed suit would be a timeless piece too because there would be no requirement to conform to the idea of fashion as I am making it only for me.
Love hugs and smiles,Alison

Deborah G. - I did a body tracing as part of an art project once and wanted to see what it became...I was stuck on my Master's became a beautiful angel, with paper streamer wings and glittery hair...I should do this again, sometime....

Greg F. - You're very good with analogies, Bears!

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