Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From Bears: Loving and Understand man

Extraordinary Man Program: All of us together for days, so much warmth, so much deep sharing, so much expressed authenticity and tenderness. A brother tells his brother during the program that he loves him for the first time in 60 years. A 18 yr.old hugs another man for the first time. A father and son talk about disappointment and anger in their relationship. Men moving toward each other. With open hearts.

During the morning session one time, a man in the group said that if men came together like we are all coming together here at the Option Institute this week, there would be no more war. We looked at man-brands: Strong Man brand, Stoic... Man brand, My Way or The Highway Man brand, Scared Man brand, Answer Man brand. Toward the end, one person said they were ready to change their Man brand (that was one of the purposes of the class) from Tough Man brand to Loving and Understanding Man brand. How awesome.

Love, Bears


Gina P. N. - Bears: a man who was born to change people lives

Option Institute: place to learn how to open your eyes =)

Tara M. - I am LOVIN that you guys have a program for men! I hope to send both my sons one day, after we take the Happiness weekend together first :D<

Nicole M. S. - As a wife of one of the extraordinary men coming together in this program, I am just filled with gratitude for you and everyone at The Option Institute! Much love and hugs to you all!!!!!!!!

Judy M. - It sounds absolutely wonderful! Much love to all of you!

Nicole M. S. - PS. Thank you for giving us a peak into the exploration that is happening this week!

Nancy B. H. - give my sweet chad a hug from Nancy, he has grown and shifted before my eyes. is this the boy that was once kicked out of option? yes, and better for it. that moment changed my life. everything seemed to hang in the balance. who knew he would be like a son to me 8 years later. he is a perfect example of an extraordinary man.

Christopher . - What an awesome program! I was one of the Extraordinary Men last year, and always will be. There is nothing more manly than this. Thank you Bears, Clyde, Stan, Raun and the staff for my wonderful gift.

Alison S. T. - I wanted to be a fly on the wall in the Summit house this week as I was curious to know what you guys were going to talk about. Now my wish has come true : ) . How awesome that men are deciding to change and define themselves as loving and ...understanding. After Friday - the ripple effect where those changes will impact the lives of all the people those men meet hereafter.

I love the fact that there is always someone I know and love at Option now taking a program - building a community to make a better world.See More.

David N. - I wish I could have stayed on an extra week to do this as well. I will definitely be there at some point though.

Rekha N. - I am with you Alison, wouldn't it be fab to see. Can't wait to see my new brother on Saturday! Thanks

Gail B. F. - Bears I am so thankful for the Option Institute. What I have learned there has totally transformed my life in so many crucial ways. I can truly say that I have a happy life and wonderful marriage. That in itself is priceless. I am so wanting Jim to do Extraordinary Man next year! Love to you and Samarhia.

Kim W. - Rekha, your new brother is extraordinary! It was so fun to meet him and share a mini-dialog with him.

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