Wednesday, September 14, 2011

From Bears: Be flexible

Flexibility and buildings: Years ago, we built buildings out of the hardest materials to be strong and withstand environmental challenges - like earthquakes. They fell down anyway. Today, we build buildings to be sway, to move, even put some of them on rollers. The lesson: when we're bridle, we break -- when we're flexible, we move with the wind and the currents. We survive/we thrive. Be flexible.

Be like the wings of an aircraft. Movement is a sign of life. Rigidity is the echo of death. The universe celebrates itself through constant change -- nothing is set (that's only an illusion). Everything flexes -- everything moves. We can be intentional and design/redesign ourselves for the greatest capability to the flexible and to move. Love and smiles, Bears (Co-Founder/Option Institute)


Barbara Beckmeyer - My mother used to say the gift of patience is like that with being flexible. The more flexible I become the more options I see in every situation..Thank you for teaching me about the Intelligrid and sharing such wonderful tools for living my wonderful, yummy life!

Tim Smith - Love the comment. It is mind yoga, good for the body too. :) :-) :) :)

Karie Bourke - Earlier today I was looking to see if you had posted anything new, Bears, and now here we go! Just what I needed, thanks :)

Akiko Hara - "Comment" / "Like" .... Where is the "Love" icon? I love it!

Frank Seidel - Inspired flexibility is my new mantra. I am a free spirit on fire! Thank you for a wonderful week with such extraordinary men!

Alison Sharpe Taylor - So often in my past the guidance I have been given by those around me has been in the form of what not to do - don't drink, don't smoke, don't sleep around etc, the result of that was I still had no idea what to actually do, and because my ...'advisors' were so fervent in their desire to teach me about how bad I could be if I made these wrong choices that I became afraid to think things out for myself because surely I would just mess it up. I think that a whole lot of rules of what not to do leads to us being rigid and brittle, because we become afraid to move in case we get it wrong.

Knowing that I am my own expert and that I have my own answers means that bit by bit my thinking is becoming more flexible and I am beginning to believe that I could make choices for myself that would be nourishing rather than destructive.

I am so hugely grateful to you Bears and the staff of the Option Institute for showing me this.

Best love

Tauska Trusaun - This speaks so directly to my core. Thank you Bears. I loved it so much that I shared it on my page. I hope it is ok.

Judy Meyers - I love the sayings go with the flow and accept what is! They have helped me be so much more flexible! I am still working on resisting some things and when I do I tense up. This weekend for example I went home to visit family and I was pl...aying my long time role of peacemaker and harmonier. I tried to calm down my family members engaged in drama, chaos, and conflict. After the weekend my neck was so stiff from the resistance and tension. I realized I have to go with the flow and accept what is and if I don't like it, I can go for a walk or drive, etc. I don't have to stay in it. I also can choose to observe and not get involved. There are many choices and I can choose differently from my past and give up old roles that no longer serve me. Thank you, Love Judy

Lorna Miller - I wrote a blog post about just this! Go to to read it! It's called "Just Float." Thanks Bears!

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