Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Passion & Persistence

FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman): If we want to be a force of nature, then we not only require clarity and conviction, but the willingness to throw ourselves into whatever we care about.

Passion is giving it our "all," with excitement and enthusiasm. Persistence is going for it over and over; to keeping going for what we want no matter what the evidence. Believe is our dreams, in what could be rather than what is.

Love, Bears

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  1. What an exciting post! What a gift from you Bears! How motivating! We are told from an early age that we have to be "sensible" and that our dreams have to take a back seat. As if following our dreams was an act of folly or a childish endeavour. In fact following our dreams with passion, persistence and conviction (not to forget clarity of purpose and daring action, whoops wrong order) is such fun anyway that it is easier not to be attached to whether we realise them or not. I think those two paragraphs can help us decide to make life a real adventure. Let's not be realistic, let's note be sensible all the time, let's dream!
    The more I think about what I could be rather than what I am now, the more evidence I find in life that those who dare to follow their passions in "force of nature" style are happier than the rest. I'm going to enlarge those words and put a big poster on my wall to remind me. Great stuff!
    Mark Oakley